Sara Lorenza Emilie Amato born in 1976, known as Sara Amato Gentric, is a sculptor from Lorient in France.
Instinctively interested in crafts and poetry as a child, Sara grew up to become a teenager studying Sociology in University of Savoie in Chambéry. Reading through Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Emilie Dickinson as a teenager she was getting drawn towards depth of feelings and sensibility expressed in a creation. Further stumbling upon the writings of Emile Zola the French writer, the idea of making stories which he referred to as,’ moulding humanity just as a sculptor treats clay’ really touched her deep within.
The mind of a wanderer drove her out of the University aimlessly, during which she accidentally happened to find a small pottery studio in Chambéry. There did she get the feel of clay for the first time. Though she was exploring pottery for a while, pottery was limiting creatively. She stopped pottery and started to wander again several months, until she found the right teacher . Art teacher Jean Marc Desrues, opened a new way in art for her - sculpting; guiding her how to follow the feelings and create and live.
Established La Compagnie du Rouho in 2004; an institution for Pottery, Sculpture and Creative Sewing. There was a period of diversion from Art, where in family and work took over.
In 2016 Art reappeared in Sara’s life and sculpting took a different maturity level. Being trained as a pianist since childhood, a sense of natural rhythm is reflected in her sculptures.
Quoting the words of Sara – “Day after day, the inner path leads to the infinite void, which inspires me to express that beauty into my physical reality. Sculpting is my way to open a window and to look at small fragments of my soul, through which I express the movement and sweetness of spiritual love.”


2004 Personnal Exhibition in Keriollet Castel of Concarneau
2004 Exhibition in Hotel Gabriel art center in Lorient
2003 Exhibition in the Rue du Port Art Gallery in Lorient
2003 Belle Ile en Mer Personal exhibition in Castel Clara hotel
2001 1st prize at the artist's fair in Plöemeur

New Exhibitions:

October 2018 Personal exhibition in Cityhall Gallery Larmor Plage (France)
Since May 2018 Permanent exhibition in IRC Gallery, in Sharjah (UAE)
May 2018 Exhibition in Larmor Plage ( France)
May 2018 Art Fair of Ploemeur (France)
April 2018 Exhibition in World Art Dubai with Palette Gallery, Dubai (UAE)
April 2018 Exhibition in Art Nordic 2018 with QueenArt Studio Gallery in Copenhagen (Denmark)
April 2018 Finalist in The Boston Biennial 5 contest, Boston (USA)
Jan 2018 Exhibition at Innsbruck Art 2018 with QueenArt Studio Gallery (Austria)
Jan 2018 Gold medal (First prize) at XIX Salon Internacional Esart Art Gallery in Barcelona (Spain)
Jan 2018 Exhibition at Esart Gallery in Barcelona (Spain)

Private collections n Al Ain (UAE), Stuttgart (Germany), in France, in Italy

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